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Dr Harveys Canine Health Miracle Food for Dogs, 20-Ounces

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Dr Harveys Canine Health Miracle Food for Dogs, 20-Ounces

  • Holistic Blend of 6 Organic Grains and 9 Dehydrated Vegetables
  • Makes Healthy Homemade Meals So Easy
  • Just Add Meat and Oil for a complete meal; Ready in Minutes
  • Allows for total Control of Quality and Quantity of Protein
  • Holistic All-Natural Formula with No Dyes, Chemicals or Preservatives
Canine Health is a pre-mix that is used as a base to make balanced homemade meals. Canine Health makes homemade dog food easy and is ideal for all dogs' nutritional needs. Made from organic grains and vegetables, simply use it as a nutritional base and add fresh protein (raw or cooked) water and oil to make a complete meal. Take the quality of your dog's diet into your own hands by feeding fresh with Canine Health.

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